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“Beşiktaş” Historical texture of Istanbul.

“Beşiktaş” Historical texture of Istanbul.

Beşiktaş stands out as one of the most popular neighborhoods of İstanbul with its dynamic and colorful lifestyles of people, heavy student population, culture and arts events, cafes, nightlife, dining and resting places next to the sea and famous ferry ports. Always being in the center of attention by the crowds, this famous neighborhood mesmerizes with its authentic places and events alongside with its historical background.

As being one of the oldest neighborhoods of İstanbul, Beşiktaş was an area outside of the Walls of Constantinople and became a residential area in the Ottoman era. Firstly, the five stones set up for anchoring the ships of the Ottoman Fleet by the famous navy captain of the Ottoman Empire, Hayreddin Barbarossa and then later, these fives stones are called as ‘Beşiktaş’ which gave the area its name. After the settlement of Hayreddin Barbarossa in the area and made buildings built such as mansion next to the sea, madrasah and mosque, the structuring of the area had begun. In the 17th century, the bay of Beşiktaş was started to be filled to build private gardens for sultans, kiosks and palaces. Today, Dolmabahçe Palace in particular, hosting many historical monuments, Beşiktaş offers its visitors an enjoyable route! 

Musts of Beşiktaş

  • You can either take a morning walk at Beşiktaş Shore or take a small tea or coffee break or have an enjoyable dinner with your friends. There are many cafés and restaurants to meet any kind of preference at any time of the day!
  • Downtown or Square of Beşiktaş is always dynamic, colorful and crowded! Beşiktaş hosts many local stores alongside with its enjoyable streets and square.
  • Grand National Assembly of Turkey Directory of National Palaces, Museum of Palace Collections embodies the first examples of tools we use in daily life such as telephone switchboards, panoramic camera and paper shredder.
  • Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture was put into the service as the first Fine Arts Museum by the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
  • Dolmabahçe Palace was built by Armenian architects in the style of European Eclectic by the Abdulmejid I and was used by Atatürk in the Republic era and his body was taken from here after his death for the burial. Today, this palace is used as a museum and waiting for its visitors with its all magnificence. 
  • The Naval Museum in Beşiktaş is the biggest museum of Turkey in the maritime area. It is also amongst one of the best in the world with its variety of collections. 
  • Ihlamur Pavilions; These special buildings were built with the names of The Ceremony Kiosk and The Retinue Kiosk in the first place and later they were turned into private gardens of sultans. 
  • Yıldız Palace was built in the name of the mother of the Ottoman Sultan, Selim III and consists of many buildings such as madrasahs, parks and kiosks in it, unlike Dolmabahçe Palace which consists of one building.
  • Yıldız Park is one of the must-see places with its walking lines and restaurants in it. Malta and Çadır Kiosks stand out with their one hundred years of history.
  • Ortaköy Mosque or Grand Imperial Mosque of Abdulmejid is one of the attraction points of tourists just next to the bridge. 
  • Zorlu Center is one of the first places to stop by for shopping or its restaurants. Most beautiful performances are performed in the Zorlu PSM withing it during the year. It is definitely one of the places to spend one evening during your stay in İstanbul. 
  • Akmerkez is one of the oldest and most famous shopping centers of İstanbul.
  • Ulus Park offers the best view of the area thanks to its high location. 

We also collected many places you can enjoy at Beşiktaş and its surrounding area:

  1. La Maison Restaurant
  2. Feriye Lokantası
  3. Restaurants placed next to each other at Kuruçeşme are worth trying!
  4. Aşşk Kahve
  5. Fish Restaurants in Arnavutköy serve the best and most delicious fish in İstanbul. 
  6. Arnavutköy Balıkçısı
  7. Sur Balık Restaurant
  8. Atlas Balık Restaurant
  9. Eftalya Restaurant
  10. Special almond paste/marzipan that you can find almost anywhere near Bebek is one of the flavors you should try in this area!
  11. Ice cream parlors on the Bebek Coast serve flavors to enrich your enjoyable evening walk.
  12. You can try a traditional Turkish breakfast at Aşiyan and enjoy a fulfilling experience with this breakfast in the early morning. 
  13. You can try delicious Turkish and world cuisine in many restaurants at Nispetiye Caddesi/Street which also consists of world-famous Nusret.
  14. Baylan Pastanesi
  15. All restaurants and cafes in Çelebi Sokağı/Street also known as Beşiktaş Breakfast Stores Street serve the most delicious Turkish breakfasts. 
  16. Ulus 29
  17. Sunset
  18. There are many cafes and bistros on Şair Nedim Caddesi/Street that became pretty popular recently. We recommend a coffee break during the day at one of those.

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