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Our Environment Policy

As Lazzoni Hotel, we love our planet and we never abstain from taking necessary action to protect it. Lazzoni Hotel, as being the primary choice for those who seek a peaceful and comfortable accommodation in İstanbul, makes a difference with its environment policies as well as its quality. In our restaurants, which consist of master chefs and experienced waitstaff and you can find unique tastes of Turkish and world cuisines at, we collect our waste oil and give it to the licensed company, that we have a contract with, to reuse in energy fields with recycling and minimize our carbon footprint in nature. Of course, we are aware that there are many more things to do minimize our carbon footprint in nature and by continually updating our environment policies, we aim to prevent our waste from causing harm to nature as much as possible. In this direction, we separate recyclable wastes generated in our hotel such as paper, carton, plastic, metal and glass and hand them over to the municipality for recycling. As Lazzoni Hotel, it was impossible for us to remain insensitive to environmental consciousness which is a spreading fact in the world. We value the planet we live in and we are raising our environmental awareness in order to leave a habitable Earth to the future generations. We train our employees to raise awareness about our environmental policies and by this, we aim them to be conscious about nature both in our hotel and in their daily basis.

Also, we collect rainwater in water tanks and purify the water until it is good quality for washing in our advanced water purification plant and then use it as wash water. By doing this, we both save water and prevent usable water from being wasted. In addition to this, we use tunnel washers in the process of washing and thanks to these machines, we raise our water-save by reusing some of the water used in washing process. On the other hand, we use daylight with the panels placed around the factory and provide a certain amount of energy by reusable energy. We carry out zero-waste policy faithfully in every part of our facility and in this direction, we take necessary action to minimize our waste resolutely.

Besides all of these, we know the harm caused by the waste electronic devices and office equipment and as Lazzoni Hotel, we generate solutions towards this fact. By giving electronic wastes, cartridges and chemical packings generated by our offices to the licensed company, that we have a contact with, in order to be disposed or to be recycled, we also do not abstain from taking the necessary action towards this matter.

In addition to these, we wash the equipment used for food and drinks in our facility in A++ washers and we use dosing systems which regulates the chemical usage in these machines, thus we prevent chemicals from mixing in our waste water more. We also try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible by getting maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption. Our hotel, which embraces zero-waste policy, consults experts about this matter and works on minimizing the carbon footprint on nature every day. We are aware that it is our biggest legacy to leave a habitable world to the future generations by moving forward with this consciousness and by keeping it, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint we left on nature. In order not to pollute clean water resources, we do not dump our waste oils and give them to the licensed company that we have a contract with. Wastes do not dissolve in nature for many years and can be reused as raw material by being recycled such as paper, carton, plastic and glass, are given to the municipality to be recycled. Wastes that can be hazardous when dumped rampantly such as electronic wastes, cartridges and chemical packings generated by our offices, are recycled and regained by being handed over to the licensed company that we have a contract with. As Lazzoni Hotel, we put all our effort in order to perform our zero-waste policy by keeping our ecological consciousness at top level. In our hotel located in The Golden Horn, Historical Peninsula, we care for our planet as well as we care about the comfort of our guests and we work night and day for leaving a habitable ecosystem to the future generations. We are, too, here to do our share for a cleaner planet!