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The heart of Istanbul, “Beyoğlu”

The heart of Istanbul, “Beyoğlu”

As being one of the oldest districts of İstanbul, Beyoğlu, which is named after the prince of Venice whose name was “Bey oğlu” for some while it is named after Pontus Prince who accepted Islam and started living here for some, waits to be explored as one of “the most İstanbul-smelling” districts of İstanbul consisting a large area from Kağıthane to Şişli, Beşiktaş and Bosphorus to The Golden Horn!

Beyoğlu I am, old as winds, pupils, rains.

Old as the first days of Earth, firsts residents.

(İlhan Berk, Pera)

Cadde-i Kebir, Pera or Beyoğlu…

         The area called Pera by the minorities residing there in Byzantine Era and later, started to be called Beyoğlu afterward and by 1925, the name Pera was removed from official correspondences and the name slowly faded away. By the withdrawal of minorities from the area with the political and economic events and with the migration from the rural areas to urban areas within the country, the texture of the area Beyoğlu was reshaped. 

         The street once called Cadde-i Kebir and İstiklal Caddesi after Proclamation of the Republic, gained dynamism with the stores, shopping areas and banks opened on it.

Mosts of Beyoğlu

  • İstiklal Caddesi and Taksim is the most dynamic territory of the area with its texture and people. Being the first step for those who visit the city, this area consists of many special points in the aspects of shopping and dining areas, cafes, historical areas and museums for visiting. 
  • St. Anthony of Padua Church which is built with Gothic architecture is one of the biggest Catholic churches of İstanbul. 
  • Galata Mevlevi Lodge also known as Kulekapı Mevlevi Lodge is one of the most important values of the City regarding its consistence of sema houses and dervish rooms within its body, being the first Mevlevi Lodge of the city and today is at service as a museum.
  • Narmanlı Han which is one of the landmarks of İstiklal Caddesi with its 186 years of history and consists of Museum of Illusions within, waits for its visitors.
  • Galata Tower, which is added to The Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013, the tower astonishes people who see it with its İstanbul view and its magnificent years-defying structure. 
  • Karaköy Harbor and Galata Bridge, being one of the most valuable points of the old İstanbul, this area is ideal for getting away from the stress of the city to take some fresh sea air and take a walk at Galata Bridge.
  • Cihangir, as being one of the most popular districts of İstanbul regarding it taking place in countless movies, tv-series, and books, consists of many boutiques, cafes, shopping points and historical buildings to be explored.
  • Demirören İstiklal AVM, being a good alternative for those who want to spend the day in a confined space, has many local and global brands. 
  • Atlas Passage, which is located in the back of Galatasaray High School and right across the Madame Tussauds Museum, this passage accompanies the historical part of Beyoğlu with its nostalgic stance.
  • Rahmi M.Koç Museum is the first important museum, which is located at the side of The Golden Horn and dedicated to the history of industry, transportation, and communication of Turkey.
  • Madame Tussauds, as a wax museum consisting of many artists and celebrities from Turkey and all around the world, waits for its visitors at İstiklal Caddesi.
  • Kemankeş Caddesi and Fransız Geçidi are places that should be explored by roaming as being the most hidden places of Karaköy. You can get to Fransız Geçidi by roaming the side streets, which are decorated with umbrellas or greens from time to time, and listen to French songs while having a coffee break at one of the cafes.
  • Fransız Sokağı or Cezayir Sokağı hosts the most popular food and beverage places of İstanbul with its colorful places and stairs.
  • Galatasaray Bath, as carrying the traces of the historical texture of İstanbul, this bath has been at service since 1481 and holds its feature of being the meeting point of cleanliness and recovering. 
  • Çiçek Pasajı, which is a historical passage established as a replacement of destroyed Naum Theatre after the big fire of Beyoğlu, consists of many restaurants today

The list of the places that you can treat yourself for your dinner near Beyoğlu as follows:

  1. 360 Restoran
  2. Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası
  3. Asmalı Mescit Restoran ve Meyhaneleri
  4. Karaköy Meyhanesi
  5. Lale Lokantası
  6. Hacı Abdullah Restoran
  7. Sahrap Restoran
  8. Miss Pizza
  9. Güney Restoran
  10. Tarihi Beyoğlu Çikolatacısı
  11. Tarihi Hacı Muhittin Lokumcusu
  12. Tarihi Hafız Mustafa Lokumcusu

Today, Beyoğlu, embracing everyone from every age, is one of the most popular and dynamic districts and the heart of İstanbul with its events for both local and foreign tourists, places to explore, shopping points, cafes, and restaurants.

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