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Waiting to be discovered “Balat”

Waiting to be discovered “Balat”

İstanbul, with its thousands of years of history, unique beauties, and its special neighborhoods, greets us as a special city of the world. We have taken a look atHistorical Peninsula, Fatih and the surrounding areas which are amongst the most popular attraction points that can be enjoyed by both Lazzoni Hotel guests and locals.

If the world was only one country, İstanbul would be its capital.
Napolyon Bonapart


From the Historical Peninsula to Balat

Historical Peninsula area, which is the heart of İstanbul and its roots going back to 650 BC, was founded with the name of Byzantion by Greeks came from Megara. Even though it is called by many names during years, the area took its name Fatih from Fatih Külliyesi which was built on the 10th anniversary of the Conquest of İstanbul by Mehmet the Conqueror.

Consisting of countless palaces, mosques, church, water fountains, obelisks and housing history from Byzantine and Ottoman eras, Fatih and its surrounding areas, especially Balat, deserves at least one day of exploring with its cafes, design stores and modern antique shops in its alleys apart from many historical artifacts.



Hagia Sophia Museum/Mosque, the famous building which was turned into a mosque after the Conquest of İstanbul stands out as being one of the most important symbols of the city.
Balat is one of the most colorful and surprising neighborhoods of İstanbul. It is ideal to explore new places by getting lost in the alleys of it!
Topkapı Palace is the most famous palace, as being the administrative center of the empire and the place Ottoman sultans lived in, which witnessed 400 years of Ottoman Empire’s total 600 years history.
Basilica Cistern is the biggest and the most famous closed cistern of İstanbul. Also hosting many events from time to time, Basilica Cistern is the first place to visit for unique photo frames.
Blue Mosque, is famous with its İznik tiles in blue, green and white, this special mosque is called Blue Mosque by Europeans because of the blue drawings on its dome.
The Egyptian Bazaar, hold the title of being one of the first shopping centers inthe world. It was made built by Turhan Sultan in 1660 and today it is a place that spices, flower seeds, old traditional goods and eatables such as dried nuts and delicatessen products are sold.
Famous Baths: The Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan Bathhouse, Hürrem Sultan Hamamı, Cağaloğlu Hamam, Çemberlitaş Hamamı, Süleymaniye Bath.
Grand Bazaar, being the biggest covered bazaar of the world, this special place is the only place that shopping-lovers can find whatever they seek with the 4000 shops in it!
Yedikule Fortress Museum, named after the towers made by Byzantine and Ottomans, today, the fortress is one of the oldest open-air museums in Turkey.
Palace of Porphyrogenitus is the only palace left of Blachernae Palace, which is considered as the place of residence of Byzantine, in our day.
Chora Museum, which is a historical building that our guests visit often because of its close location to Lazzoni Hotel, was used as a church by Byzantines and as a mosque by Ottomans.
Bulgarian St. Stephen Church also known as Bulgarian Iron Church, surprises its visitors with its feature of being the only church made of iron!
Ahrida Synagogue of Istanbul, named after Ohri city of Macedonia which is the hometown of its founders, is the largest and biggest synagogue of İstanbul.
Valens Aqueduct was made by Romans. This special structure was one of the most important elements that provide water to the city.
Beyazıt State Library, being on the 4th place in the list of 10 the most beautiful libraries of the world, stands out with its history and over 1 million documents within its body.
Hodjapasha Culture Center, with its 540 years of history, this special bath was turned into a culture center and won the award of “The Best Authentic Local Event”.

We also collected various places in Fatih and its surrounding area for you;

1. Balat Sahil Restaurant
2. Sur Balık Restaurant
3. Agora Meyhanesi 1890
4. Osmanlı Saray Mutfağı Asitane Restaurant
5. Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası
6. Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası
7. Hamdi Restaurant
8. Tarihi Hafız Mustafa Lokumcusu
9. Tarihi Hacı Muhittin Lokumcusu
10. Havuzlu Restoran, Grand Bazaar
11. Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi
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